Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today I bred Blue Topaz again. She looked like she really enjoyed Yoda's company, so I left them together for about an hour. They were so cute nose to nose sitting together when I had to put Blue Topaz away. I may let her visit again in the morning.

I am recovering from the losses, but have heard from experts that this is what happens for first time, even second time Moms. It is odd to me, even if people say it is normal. I have other animals that birth with no problem. My nanny goat, first time mother, pushed out a big bony kid all by herself on a cold February morning. Cats have kittens with ease. Bella had her pups fine. It just seems odd. I had no impulse to stomp my babies or eat them at birth!

I need to do some reading on why this happens.

Monday, April 25, 2011

First time mother Blue Topaz.

I had all but given up that Topaz was going to kindle, when I did my morning check of the nest, I found two dead kits and two kit heads. It looks to me that she stomped her poor babies.

Blue Topaz was difficult to breed and she is difficult to handle. I had a feeling she might not do well as she is such a nervous rabbit. She even tries to bite and box me when I go into her cage to feed her.

She is much different than Tahoe, who is the epitome of a sweet and loving rabbit. I am thankful for her. She is doing well with her kits, everybody seems well fed and all things are calm in the nest. A couple more days and the babies will have their eyes open!

A drastic difference in the same atmosphere.