Friday, June 3, 2011

Blue Topaz's Kit

So we are down to two kits in the nest box of Blue Topaz. Here is the lighter kit. Tummies were full on both this evening, which I was happy to see. Good news, I will take..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

kindling and breeding

Yesterday Blue Topaz kindled on day 34. I found 4 live kits, one dead, and one fresh skull. I took out her nest box and filled it with clean wool pine chips and field hay to make sure the scent of birth was gone from the nest. Blue Topaz first try was that of a crime scene with no survivors. I was happy to see some alive kits this time out.

I gave Blue Topaz back the box and did a little rabbit prayer to keep the newborns safe.

This morning as I checked the kits, one was on the wire dead. It had a tooth mark right behind it's eye. I quickly went for the nest box, and was relieved to see 3 kits still alive and the tummies looked full. On my mid morning check, I found another kit on the wire. It was untouched, warm and looked fine. So, back in the nest it went.

I hope Blue Topaz keeps her babies alive.

Meanwhile, I bred Tahoe again this morning. I will put her in with Yoda again this evening. I know I will have to keep her air conditioned for a Summer birth. But it is worth it. She had some gorgeous babes and mothering came easy for her.

The next go-around, I will breed them at the same time, so I have a good Mother to foster parent in the event Blue Topaz fails again.

Such tiny precious little creatures.