Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breeding again

I can't keep up with my demand of English Angoras! I bred Blue Topaz with Amazing today, Also Thyme and Blackie had a date. Two days ago Thyme had a date with Snowball. He likes the ladies. ;-)


Stacie Hunter said...

Hey Kim!!
Toytal is so big now! She's all grown up! I sent you pictures of her after her first fleece show. Her fleece placed first with a score of 100/100!! I was hoping to get a little buck from you soon. I'm guessing Thyme and Blackie aren't related to Toytal so that may be a good match for my little girl :)

Crow said...

Hi Stacie! I was just thinking about you!

I have Thyme and Balckie are a different breed.

But I have a Chocolate buck named Amazing that I will breed to Tahoe. She missed last time. Toytal is Blue Topaz x Yoda right?

I am so proud that you are doing so well with her. :-) Of course I will get you a buck! Delivery at the fair?

Thanks :-)